Green Werewolf 1 Year Coloured Contacts

$ 39
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Soft disposable contact lenses
Two lenses per box
Replacement: 1 year
Non prescription
Storage case included
TGA Registered Contact lenses


Contrary to what you might have heard the life of a werewolf is not a lot of fun. The hairy palms, unprovoked rages -- and that unibrow, Not cool and there's no relief for any of it. It's not like you can take a pill and it will all be better. No, if you have werewolf leanings it's best to dress up rather than taking the werewolf bite plunge, and that's where we come in.

ColourVue's Green Werewolf Halloween Contact Lenses are for when your inner werewolf can no longer be restrained. The iris features a sky blue splash layered with a teal ring and a dark black pupil, you'll fit in perfectly with the Werewolves of London, or Werewolves of anywhere.

Our contacts are made with FDA and Therapeutic Goods Administration approved materials. Our proprietary process ensures colour materials are firmly locked and never come in contact with your eyes. All colour pigments are non-toxic and our lenses are checked at every stage of production to ensure they are defect-free. They can be worn for up to a year, are easy to use, comfortable, and above all safe.

ColourVue's Green Werewolf Halloween Contact Lenses, when you need to howl.



Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Fittings B.C: 8.6mm, DIA: 14.0mm
Water Content 53%
Centre Thickness (@ -3.00DS) 0.06mm
Oxygen Permeability 38 (Dk/t)
Tint Sandwiched colour method
Power Range 0.00 to -6.00 (in 0.50 steps)
Packaging 2 lenses per box
Replacement Monthly