About Us

As an Australia-owned and operated reseller of contact lenses, we at ColourVUE are committed to providing you with the highest quality coloured contact lenses at affordable prices. Looking to freshen up your look or bring your party outfit up a notch? Browse our range of TGA-registered party lenses, find your new dream look and voila: ordering contact lenses online is easier than a breeze.

The exclusive ColourVUE contact lenses distributor in Australia, we are committed to providing our customers with quality and best value for their money. We place special emphasis on our outstanding customer service and hassle-free order process. With nearly two decades of experience, our professional team is brought together by a shared passion for eye health and beauty, and strive to deliver outstanding level of service.

Produced with our patented Hydrogel technology that guarantees high oxygen permeability, ColourVUE coloured contacts come in more colours and styles you can imagine and unique three-layer sandwiching method that ensures safe wear without any side effects. At ColourVUE, we care about our customers and place emphasis on customer safety: that’s why our coloured contact lenses are the only TGA-registered party lenses in Australia.

Feeling good is just as important as looking good. ColourVUE’s wide selection of coloured contact lenses is specifically chosen for their dynamic design and vibrant colours, which makes them the perfect addition to any party or Halloween outfit, and the ideal choice for everyone looking to make their eyes their brightest asset.

Make the most out of your coloured lenses with the widest range of coloured prescription lenses available in Australia. With more than 100 designs available, we make finding your dream coloured contacts a breeze!

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards. Our commitment to value and quality is reflected in our sales record and our long-term wholesale relationships. We pride ourselves on offering a range of modalities (daily, monthly and yearly), as well as coloured contact lenses styles and colours, and all of our prescription coloured contact lenses come with a one to three-month usage period.

Additionally, we provide a complete range of marketing materials, including personalised store posters, digital ads, canvas banners, brochures, counter cards, and stands. Browse our marketing material page today!

All orders placed before 4pm AEST are eligible for Next Business Day Delivery.