Blackhole Sun Coloured Contacts

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2 Lenses per box

Free Contact Lens Case

Replacement: Yearly

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Soft disposable contact lenses
Two lenses per box
Replacement: 90 days
Non prescription
Storage case included
TGA Registered Contact lenses


For people who have always wanted to have a change of colour in their eyes, ColourVue has the solution that will give you just that. With the latest technology in contact lenses, they have been able to create contacts that can allow you to see in full colour with little to no discomfort compared to other brands. Pair your ColourVue's Halloween Blackhole Sun coloured contacts with a great costume this year and be the hit of the party! 

Make a spookily striking statement with ColourVue's Halloween Blackhole Sun contact lenses. Made from a propriety silicone hydrogel material, these contacts can be worn for up to three months. Designed to enhance any eye colour, this pattern will give you the look of having just stepped out of hell.

The Blackhole Sun lenses are deep blood red colour contact lens. Representing pictures of artist, of the artist. If you are seeking some inspiration, or just finding an eye-catching look, these are the lenses for you! 

ColourVue's Halloween Blackhole Sun lenses are themed contacts that symbolize the ultimate in goth glamour. You'll be seeing the world through blood-red eyes when you use these contact lenses.