Blackout 1-day Coloured Contacts

$ 19
In stock

2 Lenses per box

Replacement: Daily

Also available in 3 MONTHLY


Daily disposable contact lenses
Two lenses per box
Non prescription
TGA Registered Contact lenses


The Halloween season is here, and what better way to give your costume just the right creepy touch than with some ColourVue Blackout contact lenses. These Blackout contacts are designed to cover your entire iris, making your eyes just that little bit creepier. 

Make a bold statement this Halloween with these ColourVue's Blackout contact lenses, these are great for costumes and parties. These lenses are made from high-quality materials and are daily disposables. 

The ColourVue's Halloween Blackout coloured lenses are a range of contact lenses that were created to provide a revolutionary new way for you to express your personality and style as part of your everyday look. ColourVue coloured contact lenses offer you the opportunity to transform your eyes by creating a subtle or dramatic change in appearance.