Frozen Blue Coloured Contacts

$ 29
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2 Lenses per box

Free Contact Lens Case

Replacement: Monthly

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A crystal blue bottomless lake, a cloudless fall sky, depth with a touch of mystery, our Frozen Blue coloured contact lenses are sure to enhance your presentation. Designed to intrigue rather than overpower, subtle but provocative, they add richness to your natural beauty without superficiality.

Like all ColourVue products, our coloured contact lenses are comfortable, easy to use, and above all safe. coloured contact lenses are the only party contact lenses registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so you can purchase with complete confidence.

Many factors may be considered in determining what colour works for you, Hair colour, skin tone, lighting and more. But there are no rules. You decide. Wear what speaks to you. Wear what reflects your soul or your mood. Wear what you feel that week, that day, or that hour. That's the beauty of coloured contact lenses. The freedom they give to simply be you.