Lushy Brown Coloured Contacts

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2 Lenses per box

Free Contact Lens Case

Replacement: Monthly

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Lushy Brown coloured contact lenses from ColourVue will give you a wide-eyed appearance that is as natural as your own. Perfect as a fashion accessory, they provide an absolute illusion of natural beauty. These contact lenses are safe and comfortable that you can wear daily for up to three months. 

Never settle for a look that's anything less than perfect, contact lenses, designed specifically to match your natural eye colour. ColourVue's Lushy Brown contact lenses are designed for hazel to light brown eyes. Their special colour dramatically enhances the intensity of your eyes. 

Lushy Brown coloured contact lenses gives your eyes a beautifully warm and alluring appearance. These vibrant coloured contact lenses were crafted by using the highest quality possible, and only the best materials. Bring new life to your eyes this season with ColourVue's Lushy Brown contact lenses.