Trublends Green (5 Pairs) Coloured Contacts

$ 39
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10 Lenses per box

Replacement: Daily


Daily disposable contact lenses
10 lenses per box
Non prescription
TGA Registered Contact lenses


Trublends Green coloured contact lenses are an easy way of brightening up your eyes and look of wonder! If you want to create a distinctive look that will turn heads, then Trublends contacts are the ideal solution. They are designed to daily wear contacts. 

ColourVue's Trublends Daily Green coloured contact lenses are perfect when you want to add a little extra pop to your look. This vivid lens offers a dramatic yet natural look, not only bringing the change to your eyes but also giving you the confidence you've never seen before.

ColourVue's Trublends Daily Green lenses offer a simple and healthy way to change the colour of your eyes for a fresh new look. Trublends Daily Green coloured contact lenses are a new, trendy and stylish looking contact lens that will look good with any of your outfits of the day.