Trublends Hazel (5 Pairs) Coloured Contacts

$ 39
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10 Lenses per box

Replacement: Daily


Daily disposable contact lenses
10 lenses per box
Non prescription
TGA Registered Contact lenses


ColourVue Trublends Daily Hazel coloured contact lenses are suitable for all eye colours, that can be worn daily. Different from other coloured contact lenses, these daily disposable lenses are designed to enhance the colour of your iris rather than tint your natural eye colour.

Instantly update your look with ColourVue's Trublends Daily Hazel coloured contact lenses. These daily disposable soft contact lenses give you a natural appearance and will add a splash of colour to your eyes when worn. 

ColourVue is the only place you can get Trublends Daily Hazel coloured contact lenses. Designed to bring out the colour in hazel eyes, these lenses offer a natural-looking eye colour that will make your eyes pop!