Twilight 1-day Coloured Contacts

$ 19
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2 Lenses per box

Replacement: Daily

Also available in 3 MONTHLY


Daily disposable contact lenses
Two lenses per box
Non prescription
TGA Registered Contact lenses


Perhaps you have an urge to avoid your mirror, the sun's begun to make you uncomfortable, your senses have heightened and those garlic knots -- you need them gone! Ok, maybe not. But if you need to get your vampire on nothing will finish the look better than ColourVue's Twilight 1-Day Halloween Contact lenses. Showcasing a rich orange base with pitch-black streaks and a deep black pupil, your eyes will tell the story of the fading sun, and the one who prowls the night

Party contact lenses have never been more popular, both in the entertainment industry and with folks just looking to costume up and have a ball, but who you buy from matters. Comfort and safety matter.

All of our party contact lenses are made of hydrogel, a state-of-the-art hydrogel material with a water base that allows for enhanced airflow. Our Twilight Halloween contacts are one-day disposables that are extremely easy to use, very comfortable, and above all safe. In fact, our lenses remain the only party contacts registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so you know you can buy with confidence.

ColourVue's Twilight 1-day Halloween Contact Lenses, recommended for before dawn wear, just in case.