3 Tones Green Coloured Contacts

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2 Lenses per box

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Coloured contact lenses have never been more popular. Thanks to improved technology and increased variety demand are hot, and ColourVue.com.au's leading the industry with many colours to choose from and optimum quality.

ColourVue's 3 Tones Green coloured lenses work with your natural skin complexion to transform your eyes to a gorgeous dark green with traces of brown highlights, think deep forest. Designed to enhance your natural eye colour, there is complexity and richness to 3 Tones Green lenses not commonly found. Created with hydrogel technology and expertly blended, they allow for maximum airflow, are comfortable, easy to use, and above all safe.

All colour contacts are not the same, who you buy from matters. ColourVue's colour lenses remain the only party lenses registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so you know you can purchase with confidence.

ColourVue's 3 Tones Green contact lenses, the new look you were looking for.

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