Glamour Green Coloured Contacts

$ 34.99
In stock

2 Lenses per box

Replacement: 3 Monthly


Multi-Purpose Solution & Lens Case$ 9.90
  • Buy 2 for $ 29.99 each

Glamour Green Coloured Contact Lenses offer a completely new look with a dramatic flash of green, while still being a perfectly natural green. They are designed to make green eyes look even more stunning and captivating.

It enhances your natural colour with your unique personality. You will be sure to make heads turn when you wear these stunning contact lenses. Great for any everyday look, events and if you just fancy a change, these coloured contacts bring personality and colour to your eyes.

ColourVue's contacts are designed to be the safest and most comfortable brand of coloured contact lenses that you can wear daily for up to three months. It will help you create a bold and vibrant look, so stand out and be glamorous with Glamour Green!

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