ColourVUE Sexy Brown Coloured Contact Lenses

$ 34.99
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2 Lenses per box

Replacement: 3 Monthly


Multi-Purpose Solution & Lens Case$ 9.90
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Understated yet striking, this brown contact lens, these coloured contacts offer a stunning change to your existing eye colour, will enhance your eyes and give you an exotic look for such a great price. Sexy Brown coloured contact lenses are both stylish and comfortable. 

Change your eye colour in an instant with these natural-looking Sexy Brown contact lenses. They are so easy to wear that you’d almost forget you’re wearing them! It’s like having a whole other pair of eyes. You can wear these lenses every day for up to three months, and get the stunning exotic look you deserve!

ColourVue's are designed to suit skin tones, so they look the same as your natural eye colour. The perfect party accessory, you will definitely look your best while wearing Sexy Brown Coloured Contact Lenses. They’re great if you want to look fabulous and feel great!