TruBlends Hazel Monthly Contact Lenses

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Which colour will you choose? Coloured contact lenses add a whole new dimension to your look. Follow your heart and wear pretty colours that will add flair to your style, whether you're dressing up for a day at work or just hanging out with friends.  ColourVue's Monthly Coloured Contact Lenses in Hazel is all about adding personality and feeling good about yourself, purely through your outward appearance.

These monthly contacts are made of Hydrogel Terpolymer material that you can wear daily for a month. Our Trublends Hazel Monthly coloured lenses are lighter and more comfortable to wear while you look the best possible every day. They give you the freedom to express yourself in a vibrant new way, with no hassles. 

Play with your appearance and enhance your eye colour naturally with ColourVue's TruBlends Hazel Monthly coloured contact lenses! These monthly contact lenses are ideal for fashion or costume wear, for a themed event, or just to change your overall look. Try these coloured contact lenses today and be ready for any occasion!




Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Fittings B.C: 8.6mm, DIA: 14.0mm
Water Content 53%
Centre Thickness (@ -3.00DS) 0.06mm
Oxygen Permeability 38 (Dk/t)
Tint Sandwiched colour method
Power Range 0.00 to -6.00 (in 0.50 steps)
Packaging 2 lenses per box
Replacement Monthly