Basic Grey Coloured Contact Lenses

$ 34.99
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2 Lenses per box

Replacement: 3 Monthly


Multi-Purpose Solution & Lens Case$ 9.90
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Want to make a statement? Basic Grey coloured contact lenses are a perfect choice! There is nothing like beautiful eyes to capture someone's attention. Smile, sparkle, stand out from the crowd with these contacts and bring out your natural beauty. 

ColourVue's Basic Grey coloured contact lenses are a stylish and affordable way to infiltrate your identity into their world. Whether you are a fashion trendsetter or wanting to try something new, these coloured contact lenses make it easy to transform your eye colour.

ColourVue products are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear without any irritations, every day or for a night out. Wear daily for up to three months to change up your look, be bold and bright!