Basic Honey Coloured Contact Lenses

$ 34.99
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2 Lenses per box

Replacement: 3 Monthly


Multi-Purpose Solution & Lens Case$ 9.90
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Our coloured contact lenses let you be as bold or subtle as you like. Each is perfect for adding colour to your look without disturbing your natural style, giving you a stunning look that reflects your personality. These Basic Honey coloured contact lenses offer a uniquely dynamic look, perfect for both everyday and special occasions. 

Basic Honey is a natural-looking coloured contact lens, which will make fantastic additions to your eye collection. These contact lenses change your natural eye colour to a beautiful honey colour that perfectly blends with your eyes, makes you look your very best.

ColourVue's contacts are an everyday must-have, these lenses are very easy to put on, they can be worn daily for up to three months. Our Basic Honey has a natural shade. Their unique tint is striking yet still looks completely natural. They’re so comfortable, you’ll hardly feel them on.