Radiant Aqua Coloured Contacts

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2 Lenses per box

Free Contact Lens Case

Replacement: 3 Monthly


Multi-Purpose Solution & Lens Case$ 9.90
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Our ColourVue's Radiant Aqua coloured contact lenses are for the individuals that want to stand out from the crowd, giving them fashionable eyes with a distinct tint of blue. They are safe to wear, made from advanced hydrogel material and can be worn daily for up to three months as they make your eyes look amazing. 

Create a new look with Radiant Aqua coloured contact lenses. These contacts can add a whole new element to your appearance and character, helping to complete your favourite outfit or make you appear more dramatic or bold or even mysterious. These lenses let you show off strikingly mesmerizing eyes even on a day when the weather's grey. 

Radiant Aqua coloured contact lenses were specially designed to give you that deep, clear blue colour that will make your eyes shine with vibrancy. The aqua coloured contacts are ideal if you want a bold and dramatic look for cosplay or a special event. Radiant Aqua lenses give the impression of glowing blue colour. 

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