Bright Crystal Coloured Contacts

$ 49
In stock

2 Lenses per box

Free Contact Lens Case

Replacement: 3 Monthly


Multi-Purpose Solution & Lens Case$ 9.90
  • Buy 2 for $ 39 each

No matter what your occasion, your ColourVue's coloured contact lenses will bring out and enhance your natural eye colour and give you a unique look that everyone will notice! Made from the latest hydrogel material, they are super comfortable that you can wear them daily for up to three months. 

ColorVue's contacts offer a range of vibrant and bespoke colour options including Bright Crystal coloured lenses, made to fit the natural shape of the eye for seamless comfort. From mild to wild we've got your eyes covered! 

Your eyes deserve to sparkle. Whether you want attention for your eye colour, or if you just love vivacious eye colours, ColourVue's Bright Crystal lenses are sure to give you an intense look. These contacts are perfect for setting off your natural eye colour in a bold way. Get ready to get everyone's attention with Bright Crystal eyes! 

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