Gleaming Green Coloured Contacts

$ 49
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2 Lenses per box

Free Contact Lens Case

Replacement: 3 Monthly

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  • Buy 2 for $ 39.20 each

Looking for gorgeous green contacts? Gleaming Green lenses will add a unique and vibrant touch to your look. These contact lenses are suitable for all eyes and easy to wear. They will surely turn your eyes green instantly while adding drama to your look. 

Gaze into the unexplored depths of ColorVue's contacts, with sleekly designed lenses that are certain to catch the eyes of many wherever you roam. These coloured contact lenses have a spectacular colour and you can wear them daily for up to three months.  

Our ColourVue's Gleaming Green coloured contact lenses has the latest fashion, special effects, and they are simply astonishing. Give your eyes a mesmerising glow that is sure to turn heads.